Saturday, June 07, 2008

There Goes the Latino Vote

From Hillary's campaign:

I understand that the Dems are making her support Barack, but it's the bait-and-switch tactics the Party has been playing that will cost them the election in November. Rail-roading Howard Dean and substituting him with Kerry, and now this Obama/Clinton situation just confirms, for me, that the Dems politick like no one's business and are just a bunch of spiteful, incompetent blow hards.

It's so easy for anyone to bash the Bush administration but even with that, the Dems can't get their act together and find someone that most of the party can support.

I certainly won't cast a vote for B. Hussein Obama and I can almost guarantee that the Latino voting block everyone likes to talk about from time to time will either sit this one out or vote for McCain.


Wayne said...

What a wretched post: "B. Hussein Obama." You do what you feel you need to do. But in so far as the Latino vote, you're dead wrong. A new LA Times poll shows that demographic going for Obama 62% to 29%. Not exactly a great place to start for Grand-daddy BushBitch!

Wayne said...

A link to the LA Times poll:

Anonymous said...

Grow the fuck up! Come back to reality! What are you? More conservative or more liberal? You sound a tad schizophrenic to me, not to mention a bit racist. I'm Puerto Rican and a Hillary supporter who feels Obama will still make an infinitely better president than that lemon McCain. So, yes, I'll vote for him, no problem. And most of my latino friends will have no problem voting for Obama, who, inspite of their misgivings about him, still think he's pretty cool. Get over the hate already. It's tiresome.


Anonymous said...

"Every moment wasted looking back, keeps us from moving forward."

Those are her words. It may not be that black and white or sunshiney, for sure. But it's still true. And a vote for McCain is nothing less than a frightening vote in the wrong direction.

What do you or anyone get out of it? Nothing.