Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michelle Obama, Hit Me Where it Hurts

I was watching The View last night (yes, I DVR it)and, horror of horrors, Michelle Obama was a guest host. And in an even more frightening twist, I found myself luhhhhhh-ving her.


Mrs. Obama was charming, funny, and managed to remain above the fray of a political campaign - a political campaign that is going to get nasty very soon. There wasn't one mention of the McCain's and there were even kind words about Laura Bush and Hillary.

Now, as someone who works in PR, I can imagine the brainstorm behind Mrs. O's appearance on the show: "Keep it, light, stay postitive, make em' love you, think you can be their friend, fist pound everyone. Let's get that white woman vote."

Sadly, I'm eating it up.

The re-branding of Michelle Obama, who is more often heard to be of a working class background and not an Ivy League graduate who was commanding $300K a year as a communications director, comes from fears that she could become a liability in her husband's campaign. Remember Teresea Heinz-Kerry?

Sadly, a political spouse needs to be a lobotomized automaton. I can't remember the last time Laura Bush had an opinion, and that's why America loves her.

While Michelle's slapstick girl talk is a maddeningly obvious political stunt, I'm all for it. At this rate, why not give her a show? It could be a cross between Oprah and that crazy woman on YouTube who's divorcing her husband.

So, in one episode Michelle could be doing her hair and interviewing Carla Bruni on speaker phone, then she'd head out to Barney's to pick out ties for Obama, and every episode would end a-la-Mr. Belvedere with an entry into her diary.

Or, maybe she could be a Den Mother on Bad Girls Club. That would be amazing.

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