Sunday, May 18, 2008

ALAS Concerts in Mexico City and Buenos Aires

The Latino version of the Live 8 shows took place in Mexico City and Buenos Aires this weekend with a stellar line-up of big name acts that have teamed up to generate awareness of childhood poverty in Latin America.

Ricky Martin, Shakira, Juanes, Alejandro Sanz and Mana joined other artists for concerts that were held simultaneously in both cities yesterday, May 17th, in support of the ALAS (Wings) organization who, according to their site, "is a movement dedicated to the children in Latin America. Founded by Latin America's most influential artists, intellectuals and business leaders, this unique non-profit organization strives to launch a new social movement that will generate a collective commitment to comprehensive Early Childhood Development programs for the children in Latin America."

I'm thrilled that Latin America is using its own talent to fuse art and marketing to address the issues that plague this part of the world. I was watching some of the performances on and was especially touched by a short speech Shakira gave during her set where she thanked everyone who came out for not giving it to indifference. It's so easy to bemoan the problems of the world, but to do something to help another human being - and see a spectacular show in turn - is way better than flipping the channel in resignation and disbelief.

So, kudos the ALAS Movement and to all the artists who showed up to raise awareness for an important cause.

And Ricky Martin looks adorable with his buzz cut, performing in Mexico City:

Shakira in Buenos Aires:

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