Saturday, May 03, 2008

These Folks Will Make Splendid Parents

For some reason or another I've been on a tear about straight parents and their superior qualifactions for parenthood. That said, I have no doubt that my friends Mike and Lisa in West Hollywood are going to be way better parents than James and I could ever be. Hell, they're going to raise their soon-to-be-born in the gayest place on earth. I'm already green with envy over little Ana Sofia/Edward Antonio's (we don't know sex yet)play dates with power gays' kids.

Anyway, Mike and Lisa have started a blog to chronicle the pregnancy experience. The backstory to this is that way back in the day, when I was a lowly assistant at a lowly PR firm, Lisa adopted me. So, trust that in those wayward days of my 22nd year of life, Mike and Lisa earned their parenting stripes. Through bad boyfriends, bad jobs, they were always there to listen, counsel and poke fun at my way-gay ensembles. And they're also behind this blog as Mike was the person who inspired me to create GCL. As we often do, we yakked politics one night when I was visiting them in Chicago (they move a lot) and I ran the name of a possible blog by him and he approved, which was good enough for me to start writing.

Here's a shot of the luckiest baby-to-be at 22 weeks. I so want it to be a girl, mommy Lisa has some fabulous clothes to hand down.

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