Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not Ugly: Eddie Cibrian

One of my fav TV shows is Ugly Betty, a candy colored spectacle that has it all: fashion, catty raparte, tranny drama - and a fabulous Latino cast. The yummy, fluffy, tart flan that is Ugly Better just got even more delish with the addition of another fabulous Latino: Eddie Cibrian as studly gym teacher Coach Diaz.

Thank you, ABC.

That Eddie plays the compassionate male role model for way-gay pre-teen character Justin makes me feel sorta guilty for lusting over the studly actor, but OMG, I'd have given my pinky to have had a gym teacher like that in junior high. I can't wait to see Eddie's character romance Justin's mom, the widow Hilda who is Tina Louise sexy and Fran Drescher camp with a spicy Rosie Perez twist.

Happy Friday, check out this clip of Eddie made by someone who has way more time than me to lust after him:

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