Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hill with Bill (O'Reilly)

Hillary went toe-to-toe with conservative TV personality Bill O'Reilly last night. Kudos to her for keeping the conversation on track in spite of Bill's gruff, vulgar, uncouth maneuvering. The premise of the interview, "I'm a rich white guy who's sick of paying taxes" - which is sorta the tagline for the Fox News Channel - was a no-win for Hill, but she held her own. However, references to "Hill Care" were plain disrespectful and starting the interview with questions about Jeremiah Wright was a not-so-sly attempt to bait Hillary on a racially-charged issue. In that case there was nothing for Hillary to do, either she'd dismiss Wright as a lunatic (with a fair amount to gripe about, though) or she'd walk into a "Yes, I support a White, English-only America" type of statement.

For Bill O'Reilly to denounce hate and act affronted when someone speaks out and says that America doesn't always work for everyone is hypocritical, but not shocking. Check out the clip below which ran on Queerty a few weeks ago. Bill O'Reilly is a hate-puppet come to life:

Sadly, BO has the highest rated cable news show in the country. That's cause Americans are such a happy, accepting bunch.

The rest of the Hillary interview below:

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