Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And the Vice President Is...

...who the hell cares? My friends, here's the deal: the War in Iraq isn't going to end anytime soon and your choices for Commander in Chief are a "community organizer" with a Bono complex and a once visionary politician who now has to support the right wing agenda.

For Team Obama, the possibilities for a runnning mate include Senator Joe Biden from Deleware, Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

VPs often take the hardline for a candidate's political base; whereas a Presidential candidate has to temper whatever real opinions they have to appease everyone, a running mate is usually a signal to voters on where, exactly, the President stands on the issues. George Bush found an unflinching, uncompromising right wing warmonger in Dick Cheney and John Kerry joined forces with bleeding heart liberal John Edwards. So the saying goes: tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are.

Barack, according to the Chicago Sun Times, may have a soul mate in Tim Kaine, but it looks like the smart choice is Joe Biden, a centrist, Catholic Dem.

Whoever the candidate is we'll see him - and it is going to be a him because Barack is in no position to get risque and bring a woman on the ticket - on Saturday when the campaign heads back to Springfield, Illinois, where Obama first announced his bid for office back in February 2007.

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Lyle W said...

Todays news is McCain is ahead in the Reuters/Zogby poll. The British take on the Saddleback debate in the Financial Times of London, "Obama came across as smart, interesting and admirable, but indecisive. McCain was just the opposite: direct, peremptory, energetic, impatient to take charge."
Will Obama end up having to go to HRC to save his ass? Ralph Nader thinks so.