Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Obama Supporter Will Kidnap and Rape Your Kids

I've decided that Barack Obama isn't going to win the election in November. America is not in the mood to take chances on a starlet politician who is going to want to loop in Dr. Phil to mediate talks with Iran, China, Russia and Venezuela. We want someone who is going to push that panic button at 3 a.m. and show wannabe imperialists who's boss. Besides, this isn't France, where Barack and Michelle would pretty much be royalty. America doesn't want pretty and exciting in the White House; they want pudgy, meat-and-potatoes-eating, trigger-happy folk running the show.

America is also not going to vibe with politicians whose supporters produce songs that say "Gee wiz, mothaf***ers still in my biz, don't they know my nigga gonna f***in' kidnap kids, f*** em' in they a**, throw them over the bridge? that's how it it is."

Back in his days as Puff Daddy, Sean Combs was producing tracks for drug-dealer-turned MC Biggie Smalls, and those choice rhymes are from a number called "What's Beef?"

Scroll over to 1:02:

The Dems, ever so out of touch with what Americans want (hint: it's not John Kerry and world peace), haven't learned the most important rule about modern day American politics: Talk of raping and killing kids can cost someone an election. That's how it is.


Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself, idiota! You posted once how unlikable gay men can be. You're certainly a prime example.

GCL said...

I certainly appreciate the feedback...and I feel as if I've arrived! Finally being referred to as an unlikable gay man means I'm only that much closer to my own show on Bravo.

Anonymous said...

A blogger submits an idea or a question supported by a fact. Rather than commenting on the idea or answering the question with a new set of facts, the commenter attacks the messenger. And the messenger is the idiot.