Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smells Like Team Spirit

The reviews are in and everyone agrees: Hillary Clinton has saved the Democratic Party. Decked out in a saffron pant suit and her trademark surprised joker face, Hillary called for unity within the party and offered her undying support for Barack Obama. As McCain gains on Obama in the polls and the Dems hurdle toward another November fumble, the Dems have brought in the big guns to save the election.

What we saw last night was a Hillary Clinton in protective lioness mode. We've seen this before when she stood up to Congress in defense of her husband when the Lewsinky scandal almost cost him his Presidency. We saw it during the Whitewater inquiries.

Funny how when times get rough, Hillary is called in as the closer. Everyone (and by everyone I mean the press who can only cover Obama's miracle of the loaves and walking on water so many times in a week)expected Hillary to show up as an untamed shrew, wagging a finger at the Party to say "told you so" before hopping a plane for the Amalfi Coast. Instead Hillary made a wise investment in her own political future. She knows the deal: Obama isn't winning this election and it only helps her to go on the record as a staunch supporter of the Obama-Biden ticket. Well, at least for the next two months.

OK, so the Dems have the unity part down. Kinda. Now it's time for change. It's time for Barack to get tough, get a solid opinion on the economy, the environment and the war on terror and get someone to write a catchy song about him like Team McCain has.

And then November is a steal. Right?

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