Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brand Loyalty

Poor Barack picked the wrong buzz words for a campaign: unity and change. The only thing that somewhat unites the Dems these days is a panic that all their hemming and hawing and leading-by-the-direction-of-the-wind is going to cost them the White House.

It already has.

The Obama-Biden ticket is making its debut today, giving us a preview of the disjointed, personal-agenda-driven cabinet Barack would assemble to lead this country.

While the Democrats have perfected the art of the apology ("We're sorry your gas prices are high," "We're sorry we've fumbled two elections," "We're sorry we voted for the war") and forge alliances the same way teenage girls (or twentysomething gay men)do, the Republicans blast ahead, bombing, re-writing the Constitution, taking rights away and putting guns on the streets.

Why? Because Republicans have their act together. They're a brand, after all, and they're selling not just a white picket fence future for America, but the legacy of Regan, Eisenhower...Lincoln even! The Republicans aren't blasting Regan or Bush Sr in their scramble for the Oval Office, they're not undoing all the works they celebrated in times past, but the Dems...well, they can't flay the Clintons in public yet because the GOP has been sitting on the bill.

Whereas the Republicans are blasted for being arrogant and heartless, the Dems need to know that they are the party of self-important intellectuals who will eat each other's babies for power. Unity? Change?

Kudos, once again, to Team McCain for pointing out how desperate the Dems are. In a Top-Model-like "why should you stay and Obama go?" moment, Biden, a candidate that I very much liked, stated that he did not think Obama was ready to lead.

And that's the best running mate Obama could find? Could it be that maybe no one wants anything to do with this narcissistic juggernaut? I wonder if the Dems are planning on buying evening gowns for a January inauguration or doing pilates for a January retreat to Puerto Rico?

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James said...

I like Joe Biden but....Oh Boy! Here we go... four more years of Republican rule. We Dems are really in a bind now. Wouldn't it be wild if the delegates nominated someone other than Obama at the Democratic National Convention? Is it even possible? That would be the media event of our lifetime!