Monday, August 11, 2008

I Said Barack was the Antichrist First, Dammit

Team McCain's new TV ad renders Obama as...the Antichrist. I made that comparison here back in March.

In an ad called "The One," Obama's vainglorious references to himself as the savior of this country are spliced against apocalyptic images and scenes from "The Ten Commandments." Call it mud-slinging-politics at its best if you want, but I give kudos to John McCain's team for coming up with two ads, one after the other,that speak to a more keen understanding of popular culture than one would expect from an elder statesman. The ads could very well be another one of Karl Rove's Machiavellian tactics but they're good. Hell, even I'm on the fence again.

Check out the ad here:

But just when I thought I could be a team player and support Barack, albeit begrudgingly, I caught a re-run of his appearance on The View and I have to say two things: First, don't judge me because I DVR The View, and second, Barack is a shifty, lying politico on as grand a scale as Nixon, the Bushes and Bill Clinton. When asked about his association with the Reverend Wright he ducked, covered, stuttered and tried to bridge back to his "change, change, change" rhetoric. He sort of defended the Reverend, but we all know that in the end he would wind up renouncing any association with him.

When an issue got too hot to handle, Barack did what any politican would do - he lied, delivered a statement that read something like "oh my god, I can't believe this happened under my nose," and hoped the problem would go away. Whether it's Monica-gate, Watergate, Nuke-ular Weapons that were never found or racist comments, politicians, by nature, are ready to lie and throw their grandmas under a bus in order to stay ahead.

I'm all about electing a Democrat, even if it's Barack, but as we enter the final stretch of the campaign, we're going to see that halo of his lopped off and the emergence of a cunning, brass-knuckled politican. You know, change you can believe in...

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Anonymous said...

A "cunning, brass-knuckled politician" who is also smart, intelligent, even-tempered, seemingly reasonably, can read a teleprompter, is computer literate, can write is ass off, can make hoop shots, is still seemingly faithful and still happily married to his first wife, wants to end the war, is the best chance we have at this time at passing some sort of universal health care, is seemingly nonideological, and last, but certainly not least, is wildly popular in Europe, is, in my estimation, infinitely preferable to that embarassing dullard and imperialist McCain. What the hell is there to be on the fence about, GCL? Do you really want to replace an idiot (Bush) with a moron (McCain). So, Obama is actually a politician. Wow, what a revelation!! At least he's a talented and intelligent one. That's the change in him I believe in. After eight years, what a novelty that would be in the White House. Really, GCL, what a silly creature you are sometimes.