Friday, August 15, 2008

Are You Happy With the Way This Country is Going?

That was the question posed to me by a friend of a friend two nights ago over cocktails. Swishing a dirty martini in my hand, I didn't have to stop and think. "Yes," I said.

"It might be going fine for you," sassed another friend, "but what about the country in general?"

Still, my answer is yes.

Don't get me wrong. There are a few things I'm not pleased about with this American life, but it has more to do with individual Americans than with anything any one leader can fix. That's why I can't stand up and cheer for anyone who thinks they can save us from ourselves.

How Barack Obama or John McCain are going to fix anything is beyond me, when the America's biggest problem is stupid Americans. We've lost that post-World War II umph and spirit of collaboration and now think that greatness is owed to us. Well, some of us. I still work to get paid, keep my stomach flat and what's left of my hair on my head (can Barack make Propecia a part of my health insurance plan?)But when it comes to entitlement, a disease that's killing America, there's no greater example of "I deserve it because I want it" than Barack Obama, who seems to think he is descended from heaven and owed a crown and sceptor.

I can't blame George Bush for the things that irk me about Americans. That many of us are lazy and can't locate our own country on a map isn't his fault, it's the fault of ignorant people who have TV's-a-plenty in their homes for their over-caffeinated children but nary a book or map in sight, even for decoration. It isn't the President's fault that stupid Americans can't make a connection between the high price of oil and our love of Hummers and other monstrous vehicles, and it isn't his fault that people are losing their homes after some very ill-advised financial decisions. Bush and his cronies may be cashing in on it, but that's the price of a capitalist society. People are encouraged to create and seize opportunities for profit.

How are Barack and McCain going to stop the Chinese from beating us into submission? How are we going to stick it to Iran and Venezuela? Is Barack going to make one of his rock-star appearances in Caracas and charm Chavez into giving us oil for free? Is McCain going to let people like T. Boone Pickens switch us over to wind power?

I think it's going to take a very long time for us to shake the stupor of the Bush-Cheney years. We might be another four years away from that, but right now we're still in the haze of the nuke-ular era and we're going to see John McCain win the election in November. And it's not going to make any difference -- Americans don't want change, they (me, for the most part) love how this country is working, so if it ain't entirely broke why fix it?


Anonymous said...

The authors of the Left Behind series say Obama isn't the Anti-Christ.

"I've gotten a lot of questions the last few weeks asking if Obama is the antichrist," says novelist Jenkins. "I tell everyone that I don't think the antichrist will come out of politics, especially American politics."

"I can see by the language he uses why people think he could be the antichrist," adds LaHaye, "but from my reading of scripture, he doesn't meet the criteria. There is no indication in the Bible that the antichrist will be an American."

Good thing that's settled.

Anonymous said...

If the European conflict with the Russians escalates, John McCain will be the next President of the United States

Anonymous said...

It's all probably a set up by Cheney and his gang to halt Barack. We are all big saps, and that's how our politicians play us. I agree, we Americans revel in stupidity. It's what's gotten us, contrary to your belief that "it ain't entirely broke," in the hole that we are in. I actually think, GCL, that the Clinton's are an even greater example of entitlement than Barack. I campaigned for them back in the 80s, and believe me, those two queens were not to be denied. I don't believe Barack actually thinks "he is descended from heaven." Again, he's a ambitious politician who saw and assumed this role, especially during the primaries, as his ticket to the White House. One must set oneself apart from the pack somehow. It has served him well so far, for the most part. Will it take him all the way? He's a smart cookie, and not afraid to show it. That appeals to me. And I believe we would be able to shake "the stupor of the Bush-Cheney years," quicker with Barack than McCain. But, alas, you're probably right. Americans, in all likelihood, in our abysmal stupidity, will not permit it.

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