Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get Off Bill Clinton's D*** Already

Barack Obama won the Democratic Party nomination last night by acclamation - and yes, it's a historic accomplishment. But can everyone get off Bill Clinton's d*** already?

Bill gave some sort of speech last night claiming that in the past 72 hours, Barack has become ready to lead. Fine, the Dems are putting on a united front which means they'll have to eat their words in order to put Barack in the White House. But doesn't it seem like the Dems want us to think Barack's chances at the Presidency hinge on the Clintons? Bill Clinton may have a way with the ladies but a svengali of the American electorate he is not. Further, the Dems have to decide if Bill is a hero or a pervert because on the one hand they're feeding stories about his purported stubborn streak while looking to him to save the election.

But you know what this speaks to? The Dems Monday Morning Quarterbacking ways. For the past eight years the Dems haven't been able to win the White House. Failing to realize that they aren't connecting with Americans, failing to actually stand for SOMETHING, the Dems just heckle the players on the field, much like that whiny kid that gets picked last for dodgeball.

And now that the Dems have found Jesus - er- Obama, they're making it seem as if Big Whitey, embodied by Bill and Hillary Clinton - are the obstacles to progress.

Sad how when the Dems do manage to articulate an opinion, it's to undo all the work of the most luminary figures in the Party.

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Gene said...

Couldn't it be more of a decision by party leaders to show unity and thus defuse the on-going media/right wing attempt to stir up controversy? Intra-party squabbling makes for interesting sound bites for MSM and distraction from the message.

Focusing on the message is primary.

Everyone needs to sign on in a show of unity so that the Republicans are denied the White House this election cycle.

If the Clintons help, all to the good. Obama is the candidate; that will not be overlooked.