Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day Without Gays?

One more post from what is really a riveting training on online engagement - we're actually encouraged to be on Facebook during the session! Anyway, the gays are planning a strike and this poses a connundrum for GCL. I work for a way gay-friendly agency so I don't like the idea of depriving my employer of my brilliant ideas for a day - it's not like I work for the Mormon Chuch, after all. But it's all about community, right? So what to do? I'm going to run this past my fellow gays to see if it's worth it...James and I could use a day off but seriously, if a strike ensues, there needs to be some activity around it. A day off to watch Golden Girls is kind of disgusting when we're supposed to be fighting for our rights.

Event Info Host: David Craig
Type: Causes - Protest
Network: Global
Time and Place Start Time: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 12:00am
End Time: Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 12:00am
Location: Across the United States
Street: Main Street

DescriptionWe are calling for a nationwide strike and economic boycott by all members of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered community AND OUR STRAIGHT ALLIES on December 10th, 2008, International Human Rights Day.


Because LGBT workers, business owners, consumers and taxpayers contribute over $700 billion to the U.S. economy each year and should not be treated as second class citizens. See

Because general strikes and economic boycotts are a powerful weapon in the history of non-violent protests. See For many of those protesters, their actions came at a cost, but they understood that we must be willing to make sacrifices to fight for equal rights, including the right to marry.

Because Civil Unions are only legal in the state that offers them. Civil Unions don't include the 1100 marriage rights and benefits provided by the Federal Government. Separate but not equal is discrimination.

Because every couple in America has to get a marriage certificate from their state, whereas religious ceremonies are optional. No church or religious institution has or ever will be forced to marry anyone.

Because marriage should be a Right for all Americans, regardless of gender, race OR religion.

Because until ALL are equal, NONE are equal.


Strike: call in gay, shut down your business, take the day off.

Boycott: don't buy anything or spend money.

Participate: visit for a list of volunteer and/or protest opportunities.

Communicate: we need everyone's support!

Our co-sponsors include:
GAYS ON STRIKE (on Facebook)

WHY THE NAME "A DAY WITHOUT GAYS"? The name was inspired by the film A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN and the nationwide strike in 2006 called A DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS, protesting proposed immigration laws.

Anyone interested it the facts regarding Proposition 8 should go to:


James said...

So,you know what's going to happen? Politically active gays in New York and San Francisco are going to stop spending money in gay friendly communities and deprive employers of revenue who are also gay friendly. The other people in the country will be too afraid to do this - especially since many are not unionized and could be fired for cause. Bad idea, in my opinion. As I commented before, gay men and women need to be brave and step up and let their neighbors know that they live and work with gay people and we need their support when things like Prop 8 come into play. A strike is only going to be perceived as gays trying to ruin everything and acting out - especially in a troubled economy. Next idea, please?

David said...

So far we have over 175,000 signed up as yes or maybe participating, with another 200,000 outstanding invites and 14,000 posts on the wall.

The goal is to create awareness in new ways other than protests and rallies.

So far so good.

BTW, our ability to destroy the economy with a 1-day boycott is about as probable as our ability to destroy marriage.

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