Friday, November 21, 2008

Who Knew the Gays Wanted to be on eHarmony?

Just when you thought Bravo TV and America's Next Top Model were endearing the gays to America, someone had to get stupid and file a lawsuit against eHarmony on the grounds that the site "discriminates" against gays and lesbians by not having a same-sex dating portal. Ever hear of Manhunt,

Doesn't eHarmony have the right to set up straight people with other straight people?

Now the gays are all over the place - we're going after churches who won't let us marry and dating sites that won't let us look for sex on the web. Remember, Proposition 8 is hateful legislation and it needs to be fought - so let's focus our rancor on legislative bigotry and not target the right to assembly. It'd be one thing if eHarmony was firing its gay employees solely on the basis of sexual orientation, but it's a private business and it has the right to decide who to offer its services to.

And speaking of Prop 8, the battleground is not in front of churches and war tactics should not include harassing worshippers - that only gives conservative Christians more ammunition for their "Godless, lawless gays" argument.

I'm surprised the Mormons haven't set up camp outside bars, restaurants and community centers in Chelsea or West Hollywood because that's exactly what we deserve to have happen to us.

Kudos to HRC for a smart, targeted program that aims to educate Americans on the real "gay agenda." Today's e-mail blast lays out their program to engage the public in areas that matter: at home, at church and in local government:

Thank God someone is thinking with their head.

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James said...

Couldn't agree more. It is one thing is eHarmony was bashing gays on their site but to simply offer a targeted service is something that everyone does. To your point, there is manhunt, J-Date, paid dating services for professionals only. What is the freaking big deal? I've seen more anti gay stuff on the gay sites that say things like "straight acting," "no fats or fems." Can we please focus on getting our own act together before wasting time on these silly lawsuits?

And PS - I do think we should report churches to the IRS who have become lobyists. They should pay taxes like everyone else.