Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The W Effect and Madam Secretary of State

If I've learned one thing over the past two years of watching the Presidential campaign it's that I don't have the energy for politics. How Hillary Clinton has managed to not slap a b*** or grab Barack Obama by the ears while screaming "it's mine, mine, mine! dammit it's mine" is beyond me. Homegirl is like the nice lady at the supermarket who lets everyone cut in front of her because they just have a bag of Skittles or a canteloupe. And you know where nice gets you? Behind Sarah-Africa-is-a-country-right?-Palin.

Or so you would think.

President-elect Obama is now dangling the prospect of a cabinet position to Hillary -Secretary of State, yo. Holla! But the same forces who are in talks with Hillary are also leaking information to the press with the explicit purpose of inciting riot around Bill Clinton's dealings with foreign governments. The Obama camp is deliberately casting a W-effect over the Clintons by suggesting to the press that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and China are part of the never-ending list of Bill Clinton's bedfellows.

My friends, the campaign is over. There is no reason for Barack and Hillary to pretend they like each other - as a wise friend once said, "spare me the faux." Hillary should check out and come back to New York and focus on being a Senator. An airport-security type of Senator, you know, the "g'ahead" type that plays on her cellphone while dynamite and alarm clocks go through the conveyor belt. If asked to vote on an issue, she should just hold up a sign that reads "Fine, whatever. I have a coffee break in 15 minutes."

After all, look what blind ambition and faith in the American electorate got Hillary: 18 million cheap shots at her and now her husband's philanthropic efforts.

The Obama camp is not on Hillary's side as we can see by the qualified support they've drummed for her appointment.

It's not worth it, girl.

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movie buff said...

it seems like, if Hillary becomes the Sec. State, then there might be some conflict of interest between her and Obama