Monday, November 24, 2008

I Said it First - Gays are the New Blacks

Well, I asked it. Nonetheless, it seems that yours truly is on the same wavelength as the folks at The Advocate, whose current issue explores the emergence of gays as that "other" group in our society whose rights are not God-given but rather the subject of popular debate.

Remember when I was ahead of the curve and called our fabulous President-elect but then Dem-candidate the Antichrist? Then five months later the McCain camp released an ad implying the same thing?

Forgive me the self-congratulatory post...

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Anonymous said...

I have been telling you this all along! Your reader from the Loire Valley in France.

You know, if it took all this to realize that we are in a civil rights struggle, it is a good thing, but it requires a good deal of serious thought which one finds on this website. Once again, I can't believe this kid is so young.