Thursday, July 06, 2006

Crawl into the mud with the Right

Heavens me -- could the right be taking pointers from the left as they engage in sassy-as-hell mudslinging?

Ann Coulter is digging her fangs into Ruppert Murdoch after the New York Post reported that parts of the peroxide she-devil's book Godless were plagiarized.

Book Standard reports: Yesterday, Ann Coulter took aim at the New York Post, the newspaper that first reported alleged plagiarism in Coulter’s book Godless, as well as in her syndicated column.

Coulter wrote: "Once considered a legitimate daily, the Post has been reduced to tabloid status best known for Page Six's breathless accounts of Paris Hilton's latest ruttings, and headlines like 'Vampire Teen—H.S. Girl Is Out for Blood.' How crappy a newspaper is the Post? Let me put it this way: It's New York's second-crappiest paper."

Die, bitch!

Oops, did I say that? I meant to say that I love seeing that wormy tramp writhe under the microscope of public scrutiny. It's even better that that litter-box-lining "newspaper" is bruning the Coulter at the stake.

Someone enlighten me, when exactly was the Post "considered a legitimate daily?"

Read more of Ann's delirium tremens here.


Kelly said...

That bitch is crazy.

tim maguire said...

The Post has been around for a very long time and, believe it or not, was once a legitamate daily. However, it made the conscious choice to become a tabloid too many years ago for Coulter to make the point she's trying to make.

Jim said...

She serves a purpose. She makes idiots of anyone with opinions anything like hers. She is like a drop of detergent dropped inot a bucket of filthy water that way, crowding basically decent people away from back to more decent positions.

She serves another purpose. You can taunt straight guys with her. "You'd have sex with that????"

Anonymous said...

I'm a straight guy, and hell, no, I wouldn't.

El G├╝ero said...

She-Devil Coulter is getting her just desserts.

Anonymous said...

I'm a straight guy, too, and I'd swap spit with a man before sticking any appendage of mine into any hole of hers...

Red Tulips said...

The Post was a legitimate newspaper prior to Murdoch's taking it over. Yes, seriously!