Sunday, July 02, 2006

Is Anyone Listening?

Poor Pope Benedict. In an effort to remain relevant among industrialized Western European countries, the Pontiff has scolded Spain for legalizing gay marriage.

The Pope will be visiting Spain to raise his arms a-la-Eva-Peron before thousands of pilgrims while other interesting, cultured Spaniards will be enjoying the sunny beaches of Ibiza, Alicante or Marbella.

Of course, Mr. Ratzinger is more than entitled to his opinion. Unlike the homosexuals and other undesirables gassed during WWII, Mr. Ratzinger played it safe in the Hitler Youth and is now free to foment hate speech from wherever he choses.



glorious said...

I'm listening and I hear you.

Anonymous said...

Two lies -- that gay marriage is based on selfishness and disorientation (whereas it is a couple who have found the orientation of love in their lives) and that it aims to dissolve marriage. Ratzinger has always been hopeless on gay issues and this is par for the course.

Clemens said...

Il papa is not my favorite, but I am not sure you can hold his Hitler Youth episode against him. He was a teen and it was mandatory. When put into a combat role, he deserted. Lest you think this was the easy way out, the SS and other Nazi fanatics were quite literally hanging deserters from lamposts at the time.

In any case, what he was doing back then obscures any discussion of what he is doing now. It will be interesting to see where he ends up in the history books. His stand on gays is perhaps the canary in the mine if his ultimate goal (as some Catholics tell me) is too roll back Vatican II. Quo vadis, domine, as the Catholics say.

Anyway, nice blog. I agree with its basic premise: partisonship is poisoning us.