Sunday, July 30, 2006

White Trash Wedding

I don't care if these two get married in Buckingham Palace -- they're still the yukkiest people on the planet. Pam Anderson's a walking STD and Kid Rock is a two-bit redneck who belongs in a coal mine.

It's ridiculous that George Michael gets hated on for planning a wedding even though he can't keep it in his pants but slut-face Pam Anderson gets a standing ovation from the world press because she wears a bikini to her wedding. Eff that.
Sidebar: Look at the distended bellies on these two freaks. I don't know why I want them both arrested and flogged. But I do and I hope it happens. Extra sidebar: I think George Michael has his own issues to deal with so my reference to him is an attack on the media's bias. All three of these characters are equally skanky and diseased.


Red Tulips said...

Hahahaha, wonderfully bitchy post. You totally rock!

Anonymous said...

George Michael is a skank and Heather Mills (Paul McCartney's soon to be ex-wife) are both skanks!

liminalD said...

George Michael = my hero ;)