Friday, July 28, 2006

The Week in Review

It's been a crazy week. Work is super busy and James and I have been social butterflies...air kisses galore and lots of outdoor eating. Anyway, here's a recap of what's been going on this week. Long story short: the world is still falling apart.

Lance bass is gay. He came out and that's great for him. His boyfriend is super hot. Mazel tov.

The war in Lebanon rages on. OK, Israel, we get it. You are not to effed with. Some people might say their show of force is excessive -- and were it not for the images of complete anhilation that have come out of Lebanon I would vehemently disagree. Unfortunately, Hizbollah's tactic is to use human shields in their war. If the world is serious about getting rid of these monsters then it's going to have to go below the belt. It's a dirty, messy business but someone has to do it.

With that, my prediction is that Israel is going to ride their success in Lebanon to become the world's next super power. Like the Miss Universe pageant, it'll come down to three countries in the race for world dominance: India, China and Israel. China and India have the man power to lead us into the 22nd century, but Israel is going to launch a global blitzkreig once they take over the Middle East.

And speaking of Miss Universe, VIVA PUERTO RICO (my dad's Puerto Rican). Zuleyka Rivera, an 18 year old apsiring actress beat out my favorite, Miss Colombia, for the title. She also fainted right after her victory...that dress was too tight and she was too huugry. Zuleyka really is stunning, though, so if Colombia couldn't take home the gold, I'm glad it's another Latina. Though my top three would have been Colombia, Bolivia and PR. Oh well. Felicidades, Zuleyka!

In other news, the Thomas Suozzi and Elliot Spitzer almost whipped out their man goodies to show who could be the bigger man and better governor of the state of New York. Spitzer remains in the lead; I'm partial to Suozzi.

That aside, I am really proud of my dems for making an aggressive push for a November sweep. They're fiercely blocking the appointment of John Bolton to the post of UN representative. W wants to send that jerk to te UN so our country can officially begin the process of breaking away from the only forum of international dialogue in the world.

Not only that, the Dems have also announced their Six for '06. The agenda is a wonderfully articulate challenge to the reckless Bush administration and a launchpad for the following initiatives:

-- National security
-- Jobs and wages
-- Energy independence
-- Affordable health care
-- Retirement security
-- College access for all

Hot! This is what I want to see. Bullets and action. Let's take back Washington and let's get America back on track.

Now would be a good time to change gears and talk about my nascent eating disorder: David Beckham is too effing hot for words. Check him out in many a speedo while on vacay in Italy. Oh, to be posh.

More to come...


James said...

I really hope that behind the Bush propaganda machine, there are some smart people in high places who see that we are a sneeze away from a world war. Bush should count his lucky stars that he lives in the good ol' US of A. Becuase if this were Venezuela or Cuba, he'd be overthrown and seeking asylum in Palau.

I disagree with your point on Israel, though. Israel is an extension of the US. Without the US, there is no Israel. And without Israel, the US better start mending fences overseas real quick.

James said...

Guess I have a lot to say today. One comment on one of the most boring stories of our time -- the NY Gubernatorial election. I don't know much about the other candidates but I don't plan to vote for Spitzer. He's got the bully qualities of Guiliani but none of the passion or empathy.