Sunday, July 09, 2006

Favola Azzurra

Once again, congrats to the Italian team. The horns are blaring out our window here in Chelsea as the cars drive down to little Italy.

Check out the main page to Il Corriere della Sera, Italy's leading newspaper. It's going to take a while to load, the whole world is flocking there now. I was so rooting for France until the minute Zidane went awol on that Italian guy.

Sidebar, those Italian dudes are SMOKIN...all swarthy and tatooed.

Love the headline in this article in Italian: Choc francese: «Meritavamo di vincere»
"French Shock: We Deserved to Win"

Aww. Not so much. Tant pis!


Clemens said...

I heard on the radio this morning that in the video playbacks there was a foul on the part of the Italian.

Of course, doesn't mean much, and I could be wrong (that's my favorite phrase this afternoon).

Red Tulips said...

I just want to concur, btw, in the hotness of the Italian men.

I was a drooling blob looking at the pictures. Mmm...

Sam said...

It looked to me like Materazzi twisted Zizou's nipple. I've read today that the Italian then called Zidane a "dirty terrorist" as Z was walking away. That's a red card right there. The fact that it was intended only for Zidane's ears is an indication to me that Materazzi was trying to get Zidane wound up and sent off. If so, it's just like the cheating Italians to pull something like that.

Red Tulips said...


There is ZERO PROOF of what the Italian player said. We know he insulted Zidane - that's it. You are engaging in speculation and stating it as fact.

An insult does not justify losing your cool and blowing it for your country, no matter what.

GayConservativeLiberal said...

So tacky of Zidane to say he was called a terrorist...the only one headbutting people and being a prick on the field was him. Suck it up pal, you lost.