Monday, July 03, 2006

How about a trip to Colombia in 2007?

From CBS Marketwatch: BOGOTA (MarketWatch) -- Princess Cruises ships will make 27 trips to the Colombian Caribbean port of Cartagena in 2007, President Alvaro Uribe's press office said in a statement Friday. Princess Cruises is a unit of Carnival Corp. (CCL). Each ship will carry about 2,000 tourists each. Cruise lines are resuming docking in the colonial port of Cartagena as Uribe's get-tough policy against guerillas and criminal violence has led to a dramatic improvement in security conditions.

The lower crimes, kidnappings and violence in general in the country are encouraging tourists to visit Colombia. A total of 937,000 foreigners visited the country last year, up 20% from 2004 and much higher than the 566,092 that arrived in 2002, according to Colombia's Commerce, Industry and Tourism Ministry.


That's great! I spent a memorable summer in Cartagena when I was 14 and would love to go back. Having just spent some time in Colombia in February I want to encourage everyone with an adventurous spirit to go. Read my report on Bogota at

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