Sunday, July 02, 2006

Partisanship is so stupid

If I've said it once I've said it a million times, partisanship is going to kill our country.

Otherwise rational individuals are supporting behavior and legislation that is blatantly wrong and immoral just to avoid any sort of dialogue with their "enemies."

Before I launch into a spiel about the latest in retard-Republican merchandise, I want to make it clear that I do believe mistakes were made during the Clinton administration. For all our talk about Darfour today, we seem to forget that Bill looked the other way while Rwandans hacked each other to bits in a wave of ethnic genocide. And as it pertains to today's pollemic immigration debate, we should look back to Mr. Clinton's ill-advised decision to support NAFTA. Not only did American jobs go south, but they did nothing to stop illegal immigration and instead further fueled the sweatshop ethos of yesteryear.

So there, I've said it. Democrats make mistakes. Democrats can be self-important and grating and are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Brace yourselves: I don't think the Democrats have captivating, imaginative, aggressive leaders. In that respect, the Republican party gets a nod from this blogger for sticking to their guns.

But this isn't about Republicans versus Democrats. It's about a system that is forcing Americans to bite their nose off to spite their face. The right wants to talk about global whining, well, here's a newsflash for the faithful: your church steeples will be the first to melt once that hole in the ozone layer starts to fry our planet.

And as for this ridiculous I Love Halliburton poster, it just goes to show that the enemy is a moving target. I do believe that this administration, and all its never-to-be-reported dealings with Osama Bin Laden and Sadaam Hussein and the Saudi government has sold this country to the terrorists. I don't believe that George Bush is a terrorist, but I do believe he is part of a system that has given power to a nefarious group of individuals. It's a mess so huge that generations after ours will still be untangling the shortsighted decisions that made our country bedfellows with our enemies. Halliburton is just one example of the greed and corruption that have consumed policy makers for the past twenty years, resulting in this dirty war in Iraq. So who's the enemy? Is it the guys who slammed the planes in the Towers? Is it the guys who taught the mastermind behind 9-11 how to off the Russians? The death toll is rising as we ponder these questions...or while someone prints a stupid bumper sticker.

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Anonymous said...

My dear man, not only is George Bush a part of a system that has given power to a nefarious group of individuals, but so was George HW Bush, Clinton, Carter,Johnson, Nixon, Kennedy, etc. and the members of Congress, the CIA,that State Dept and other groups.

Reminds me of the oft repreated statement that Bush lied to us about weapons of mass destruction that lead us into war. Then so did the members of Congress and others who were privy to the same info. Have you ever read the quotes during the Clinton administration by both Clintons, Albright and Gore about their beliefs that Iraq was working on weapons of mass destruction. Were they lying then or are they lying now?

Washington is full of people who make a living out of looking the other way and changing their stories.