Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Miss Universe: Ghetto Prom?

Miss France must be having a heavy month...
padding herself in gauze for the biggest beauty pageant
in the world and all.

Hips don't lie, Miss Spain. Ruffles don't
help your alibi either.

Aw, Miss Jamaica thinks she's doing something fun
and summery. Clearly her country's rampant homophobia
has robbed the island of any good fashion designers.

Not wanting to propagate the stereotype that
Eastern European women are sluts, Miss Poland
slit her dress down the front and didn't bother to
do her hair.

Miss Bulgaria looks vulgar. And pregnant.

Miss Indonesia...I appreciate the element of modesty, but this just looks like two bridesmaids dresses and a circus costume tossed together in a fit of self-loathing. Did your runner-up design this?

Miss Slovenia killed Big Bird and tie-dyed it.


Andrew said...

Classic bro...i love it.

Red Tulips said...

Did you see Miss Lebanon? I think she is quite beautiful. But then, I think the Lebanese are gorgeous.

Miss Columbia is a knockout in her evening gown.

Miss Albania is a dominatrix. The outfit is not complete - she needs a whip!

Miss Iceland looks like the typical Nordic princess. Clean and classy look.

Otherwise, the dresses are shit. So many will give me nightmares tonight. *gauges eyes out at the memory*

avruk said...

I am absolutely agree. Miss Bulgaria is a pretty but looks like a whore.

日月神教-任我行 said...