Monday, July 31, 2006

To hell in a handbasket

Everything that's wrong in America is summised in this picture: a smug leader courting the country that launched the largest terrorist attack in our nation's history while a blithe Secretary of State looks on, mesmerized by the self assurance that only the selling of one's soul to the devil can afford.


GRT said...


ThatGayConservative said...

courting the country that launched the largest terrorist attack in our nation's history


Red Tulips said...

Saudi Arabia did not launch 9/11, it was Saudi terrorists.

But yes, the cozy relationship between Bush and the House of Saud is not something I am comfortable with.

GayConservativeLiberal said...

The House of Saud ain't nobody's friend and the cushy relationship that those mysogenistic terrorists have with our government is the very reason we're fighting a losing battle on terrorism.

Red Tulips said...

Conservative Liberal:

You do have to realize that the situation is far more complex than a simple notion of the House of Saud being evil.

1) The House of Saud is relatively moderate compared to the Wahhabists - who are the alternative.

2) The House of Saud does fund terror - but it does so in order to remain in power. It also funds counter-terror ops.

3) We need their oil.

4) Saudi Arabia is a trading partner with Israel and the US and gives some miliary support.

5) The alternative to the House of Saud is far worse.

That said, the situation for indigenous Saudis over there is awful. There is the religious police and no freedom. However, most of that is due to the Wahhabists, not the House of Saud.

Are the House of Saud good guys? No. But they are also not clearly evil, either.

Red Tulips said...

That all said, I do agree that the House of Saud is no one's friends. I think the relationship between them and the Bushes is that of mutual exploitation, however.

Anonymous said...

why would Bush befriend a terrorist? are you serious, david?